High School Debate Topics That Area Favorite Among All Types of People

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The debates taking place in high schools are usually very spicy in nature and include hot topics from around the world. This is because young minds are exposed to different kinds of information and wish to show this world what kind of knowledge that they possess.

The expression of their own views makes high school debate topics, quite interesting in nature. Students also tend to focus on many topics that are currently making news around this world.

For example, the showbiz is always in the news presently, especially with the commencing of me too movement. You can expect students to get into debates about these people from the showbiz arena.

Do celebrities get away with crimes easily?

In comparison to any common man, celebrities get off the hook when it comes to criminal activities, rather easily. First of all, different celebrities are really rich in nature. The rich throw around their money and even get out of jail on bail, before everyone gets any information about it.

They hire really good lawyers who use loopholes in laws to their advantage and bail out these people rather fast. It can therefore be said that these people do not learn any lesson when they are arrested. Even if the case goes to court, their defence work vehemently for these people and often consists of the best brains in the country.

Rarely does the career of a celebrity gets hugely affected when they get arrested. They do not even have any fear of their image getting tanned in the process. Life takes a normal course for them right after they are released.

Blind fans of these celebrities; also do their best to keep these people in the centre of attention. The advantage that celebrates has over others especially in these cases form really hot high school debate topics. This is because, these things keep happening and laws are bent conveniently to suit needs of celebrities.

The kind of biased treatment that these people receive, call for debates to be organized against this practice.

Should children be allowed to play violent video games?

All parents need to be aware of the fact that playing these violent games can dramatically alter the young mind’s perception of aggression. These games can make really violent acts to appear quite normal.

Before parents buy video games for their children, they should be finding out more about the game and if possible play the game before handing it over to the child.

Parents should also keep track of online activities of children too. The ratings that these games get are also quite important in deciding whether it is good enough for your child or not.

Just as parents always look to put their children on a balanced diet, similarly, they should be playing games with a balanced dose of violence as well as knowledge.

These form burning high school debate topics because of the increased number of instances of shootings in schools and poor gun regulations in the country has only made situations worse. Children should be encouraged to play games together rather than playing them alone.

The effects of getting exposed to violent content are really long lasting in nature. You need to do your best to provide the best environment for children. Parents should be talking to their children more about these things and about not practising violence.

Is the death penalty an appropriate solution?

Everyone should remember that a death penalty is completely irreversible in nature. The judgements if gone wrong, leads to people paying very heavily for crimes that they did not commit.

Historically there are many instances that show people getting wrongly charged guilty and only after further investigations the truth comes out. The death penalty has been prevalent since time immemorial. You need to understand that it does not deter criminals in any way to change their ways.

There is lots of evidence to in fact support that the opposite is true. For example, the murder rate in Canada has dropped drastically ever since the death penalty was abolished there in 1976.

No method of execution is humane in nature. This is a fact that comes up in lots of high school debate topics. Even the really humane form of injecting a person with a lethal dose of poison takes quite a few minutes to kill the person. The public executions simply make a spectacle out of the event and the crime committed. These practices directly seem to violate the way of life prevalent in this society. It is to be noted that the number of death penalties being awarded, is slowly but steadily decreasing around the world.

Is global warming a burning issue?

People who are propagating that global warming and climate changes are false issues are nothing but individuals with low I.Q. and have no understanding of how the world functions. The planet Earth is indeed changing, and there is no denying the fact, that many of these changes are harmful in nature.

They have also been brought about by poor activities done by human beings. Events such as carbon di oxide emission in excess as well as oil spills are causing major problems for the environment around us. Burning of fossils fuels especially coal is a major contributor to global warming. Hence the adverse effects of global warming have bloomed into high school debate topics.

The use of oil for conducting different activities is also harming the environment very adversely. Efforts should be taken to build a really cleaner and effective system to control pollution. High school debate topics have also been integrating whether the use of nuclear energy for generating power is a safe option.

It goes without saying that even minute mistakes taking place in that sector can lead to catastrophe. Hence these topics can be used quite effectively to conduct debates at school levels.

The high school debate topics being used presently are always inclusive of events that have a global effect on the lives of people. Students always give 100% effort in these debates if the topics are relevant in their lives as well. Hence topics pertaining likewise need to be chosen for the debates.