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We all have gone through the phase during our master’s days where we were required to submit a research paper at the end of the term. These research papers can give a tough time to any students if not handled properly.

Firstly the process of collecting all the necessary data can be a tough task depending on the type of your paper. If it is a paper based on social studies, then the writer needs to do some ground research and collect statistics to create a strong ground for his paper.

In this article we will be trying to cover some of the basic rules you need to follow while writing these papers and we will be giving some research paper introduction sample at the end of this blog.

Why is it necessary to have some research paper introduction sample?

We must understand why your research paper deserves a proper introduction. The introduction is that part of your paper which will attract the attention of your readers. A research paper lacking proper introduction will never get his deserving feedback.

The introduction will set the tone for your entire paper. So, it is very important that you take introduction seriously as it can impair you from receiving good grades.

Before we tell you about some research paper introduction sample, let us teach how you can make your own introduction and garner positive reviews. Suppose, you are making any search on Google, the first page comes with several results. But we never explore all the results; we mostly go with maybe first few of the results.

To become the top few search results, web developers optimize their website to be in that top 5 search result. That is how important the introduction is to your paper. The introduction to your paper will determine how long the reader will spend time on your paper.

The tips that can help you to write a better research paper:

Before we give away our tried and tasted research paper introduction sample, it is our ethical responsibility to tell something about writing a research paper. You must understand that using our research paper introduction sample and tricks, you can get the initial attention of your readers but the content of the paper is also very important.

The content of your paper should be informative, enlightening and based in the present scenario. If you are writing a topic based on humanities or on social science try to stick to this century. Your reader is not interested to study a history paper; he wants fresh statistics and ground level survey.

For example: if the topic for your paper is how many stay-at-home fathers are there in the USA? The topic is so fresh and unique that you will need to do some ground level research to get a proper picture.

No amount of internet or running to the library will help you. A topic which is so fresh that you cannot use stats from the previous decade, chances are those numbers will be highly misleading.

The topic of your paper will determine the type of introduction:

If the topic for your paper is based on some scientific experiment then you might use some data recorded in the previous decade as it will help to establish your paper better.

Those data can be easily found on Google but sometimes you may face some problem in case of certain topics. In those cases, the library is your best bet.

If there is anything you are looking for and it is not there on internet chances are you will find it in the yellow pages of an old book lying on the dusty shelves.

So, if the content of your paper is not genuine or informative our research paper introduction sample will surely not help you to score well in the semester.

There is another problem which many of the master’s students are facing is the issue of plagiarism. The originality of your paper is of utmost importance.

Your paper may be very informative and updated but if it fails plagiarism test nothing can stop that paper from getting rejected. So, introduction to a paper is important as it sets the tone for your entire paper but you should also keep the above-mentioned points if you want to see your research paper receives the praise it deserves.

As we will be concluding this blog by providing our tried and tasted research paper introduction sample, here is our list of how to write an introduction which will generate serious interest in your readers mind while reading your paper.

  • State the theme of the research paper:

This is the most simplistic way of starting your research paper. You need to be very transparent in the introduction regarding the theme of your paper. It is best to not bombard the reader with some scientific words as it may create disinterest in reader’s mind.

  • Try to be Original:

When you are writing a paper on humanities, try beginning your paper using a quotation from some famous person or quote from a person whom you know personally like your mother. If the paper is some scientific research papers try to awestruck the reader stating some mind-boggling fact.

  • Try to explain the area of your research paper:

This is very important to prevent confusion in reader’s mind. A clear explanation of keywords will help the reader to understand your paper better.

  • Size or Length of Introduction:

The length should be short enough to hold the interest of the readers and long enough to give a basic idea of your paper to the readers. It is very important that you find that perfect spot which makes your introduction informative as well as gripping.

This is some of our proven research paper introduction sample which you can use in your paper but you must understand that concluding your paper is as important as the introduction. The conclusion of your paper will not help the readers to understand your paper but also help your teacher to understand how much you have gained from this term-end research paper assignment.