Helpful or Harmful- Homework Should Be Given or Not Debate

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The homework should be given or not debate has been raging for decades, with no end in sight. While there are several proponents of homework who believe in the efficacy and benefits of homework, there are some detractors as well, who think that schools should end the practice of giving homework to students.

Also, there is another question that arises: how much homework is good for students. Students, educators, parents and in general the public has a deeply divided opinion about this issue.

Changing Opinions on the Subject

Any traditional school or educational institute assigns homework to students. However, times are changing a bit in that aspect. There are some schools in the United States that have a no homework policy. The president of France, Francois Hollande also proposed the no homework policy in his plans for educational reform.

One interesting opinion about homework is that when it comes to homework, not all students have a level playing field. This is because some students can get help from parents, the internet, etc. while others can’t.

Is it necessary?

Many times, we wonder whether homework is really important for the progress of our children. If so, how important a role does it really play? The importance of homework is a very crucial element of the homework should be given or not debate. Of course, if homework didn’t provide any benefit at all, this debate would be meaningless, wouldn’t it?

Homework provides parents with an opportunity to get involved in the education of their children. If parents show interest in their child’s education, it promotes enthusiasm in the child. From a teacher’s point of view, homework also allows children to practice whatever they have learned at school.

So, there is no denying the fact that homework has its benefits for students, parents and teachers alike. But then, it is also known that sometimes homework put some unnecessary stress on children.

Homework gives a child less time to engage in other extra-curricular activities, such as dance classes, guitar lessons, sports, etc. Parents also need to make sure that other aspects of their child’s life are well taken care of.

In time like this, online homework help certainly comes as a relief. When you take online assistance, you know that your child’s homework needs are taken care of.

With expert guidance, students can complete homework on time while still learning something. Having said that, online homework assistance surely doesn’t settle homework should be given or not debate. It might as well seem that there is no end to this debate. However, for a proper analysis of the matter, both pros and cons of homework need to be weighed in.

What are the benefits of giving homework?

With so many teachers and parents encouraging their children to do homework, there must be certain benefits associated with it.

Some benefits of homework include:

  • Homework acts as an extension of classwork, which means students don’t get out of touch
  • As mentioned before, homework helps students to practice, clarify and consolidate what was learned in school
  • With more practice, it enhances the skills and concepts of the student.
  • Homework is seen to improve the performance of students in standardized tests
  • It allows parents to know what their child is learning at school
  • If the student takes in interest in homework, it also increases their interest in schoolwork
  • It allows students to learn how to be independent and creative
  • It promotes self-discipline, research and time management skills.
  • Homework also promotes good study habits, while reducing time for activities like video games and TV.

The disadvantages

There are many people who think it is best if students are not given. When considering the disadvantages of homework, such opinion might seem understandable.

Here are a few disadvantages of giving homework:

  • If homework is not corrected quickly, students tend to lose interest on the subject and get frustrated.
  • At times, homework can stressful and burdensome
  • It might as well disturb family life. It prevents students from doing household works
  • If proper guidance is not available, students hardly learn anything from homework
  • After a long day at school, homework can be really tiring for children.
  • Students don’t get time to rest or engage in other activities
  • Sometimes, homework involves some meaningless busywork, which hardly promotes any real learning.
  • Some students don’t have enough resources to help them with homework.

Final Thoughts

So, on examining all the pros and cons, does it really settle the homework should be given or not debate. Well, probably not! But it certainly helps parents and teacher to get a better understanding of the subject matter.

In a nutshell, homework can actually be very good and productive, as long as the purpose of it is to enhance learning. Probably, if students have more time to complete homework or if homework is not strictly given on a daily basis, it could be helpful.