Have You Taken up English as Major Subject? Know the Career Options!

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Creativity and communication skills are the two most important assets that you gain by taking up major in English. English can be a very deceptive subject itself, it may appear to be very easy but once you reach higher classes you will find it extremely difficult to master. But if you are an avid lover of literature and nothing gives you more pleasure than expressing your emotions through words, then English major is the ideal option for you. If you have already taken up English as your major, it is time for you to find out what career options lies ahead of you.

Future with English Major

There are two types of students in this world, one who pursue a subject out of love and interest in it with the intention of gaining knowledge, not worrying about what career options it might provide while the other pursues a subject only for the career options it provides. At the end of the day, everyone wants to make a living with what they have gained in their academic years. Previously English was considered as a subject which provided very limited career options but with change in education and work systems nowadays, it is no longer so.

Today, career options are not limited to the field which you have majored in and if you are able to secure good grades in your college or university exams, you can rest assure that you can avail a wide array of career options to choose from. As mentioned earlier, if you major in English, creativity and communication are the two greatest skills that you gain in your academic course. These skills opens up a lot of career options ahead of you and if earning money is your motive then you will be happy to know that there are many well paid career options available with a degree in English.  So take a look at some of the popular career options that you can avail.

Career options

Every field of education aims to strengthen certain characteristics of students. Similarly when you major in English, you will find your power of language greatly improved. You will find communication much easier and expressing yourself fluently won’t be a problem anymore. Not only that, you will develop analyzing skills and along with your vast vocabulary and writing skills you will have quite a few tools at your disposal like clarity, precision, advanced thinking capability, subtleness, etc. All these aspects come very handy in the professional career you choose to embark upon.

  • Teaching

A career in teaching is arguably the most common profession of an English major student. An English degree from a reputed college can help you gain a teaching career in any good university or college or high school. Teaching is a very popular and respected profession and if you hold any desires of becoming a teacher or professor, a degree in English will help you greatly in realizing your dreams.

  • Analyst

The advanced reading and writing skills that you inherit during your years of major in English makes you an ideal candidate for an analyst in any big company. An analyst needs to analyze complex data and a career in law or somewhere where complex data needs to be analyzed will be open for you.

  • Executive directors

The post of an executive director is a very responsible post as he or she is responsible for overseeing proper working in a company or firm. Communication skill is very important in this profession as the director needs to communicate with other employees and settle their problems and disputes. This is where an English major student comes handy because of their superior communication skills. Do not expect to get a high ranked post as this in the beginning of your career, but it is an option which will be available to you once you have gained some work experience.

  • Editorial posts

It is another common profession of an English major student. Editorial posts like that of a journalist demands good grasp over the language and good communication skills which makes it an ideal profession for someone with a degree in English.

  • Writing career

If you have a flair for creative writing then you can make a career out of writing blogs and articles online or in some magazines which can be quite high paying. Also if you hold any desires of becoming a writer and want to write fictional or non fictional contents, then majoring in English will serve to enhance your vocabulary and improve your writing skills.

So as you can see there are lots of career options available for you if you are majoring in English. Make sure that you get your degree from a reputed college which will only help to get your desired profession.

How to ensure a top career

Getting your degree from a top university will definitely help your chances of getting a profession of your choice. You also need to secure top grades in your class to get the best job. How can you do so? Dedicated studying and top notch assignments are a sure shot way of securing good marks. Assignments are very important and you should take them seriously if you want to fetch top grades. Read “How to make error free assignments without working hard?