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Gross working capital is a highly important topic, and it actually states about the total value in relation to the current assets.In Economics this concept is used to ascertain the financial position of an economy in a better sense. Once you will get gross working capital assignment help, then you will have an idea about all the important things covered under this topic.

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An analysis of gross working capital

When all the current assets of an entity are accounted for, then it is called as Gross working capital.  Therefore in gross working capital, not just the cash is included but those assets are also included which can be converted into cash really fast.Thus gross working capital is very helpful in analyzing the liquidity position.

The components of gross working capital are cash, the money deposited in banks and financial institutions, various short-term investments, securities that are highly marketable, set up of inventory, accounts receivable, etc. You can also describe gross working capital as the total amount that is available at a particular point in time so that current assets can be financed.

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What is the difference between gross and net working capital?

In Gross Working Capital the current liabilities are not taken into consideration, but in Net Working Capital these are taken into account.For reaching Net Working Capital,just the total of current liabilities is subtracted from the Gross value. It tells that how much current assets will still remain even if all the current liabilities are paid off.

Why is it important to maintain a right level of Gross working capital?

Gross working capital actually tells the state of current assets. In order to ensure that there is neither under utilization nor over utilization of the current assets, a checking needs to be done in this area.

If the current assets will remain idle, then the earning opportunities will be lost and if they are in shortage then liquidity will be hampered and day to day functioning will not proceed smoothly. Thus it is really important to ensure that right level of Gross Working Capital is maintained at all times.

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