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What is Groovy?

Groovy is an object-oriented programming language that is designed for execution on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Having more compact syntax as compared to Java, it uses all libraries and classes of java. It builds on the strength of Java, thus allowing efficient coding. The features of Groovy are similar to that of Ruby, Smalltalk and Python. It includes support of dynamic and static typing, operator and closures.


Before you take Groovy assignment help, you would like to know about the features of Groovy. These features include:

  • Easy to learn
  • Supports domain specific languages
  • Supports dynamic typing
  • Compact syntax
  • Makes web application development easier
  • Supports unit testing
  • Powerful processing primitives

There are some other features as well that reduce coding time:

  • The importing of classes and packages happens by default, which eliminates the requirement of writing import statements.
  • Because it supports dynamic and static typing, the need of declaring types is eliminated in methods, variables and fields.
  • The syntax of parsing, loop, storing or creating XML and HTML code is shorter
  • It doesn’t have any class declarations, definition of exceptions or main methods

Groovy and Java

Before you hire our Groovy assignment help service, you should be well accustomed with Java. Groovy is considered to be Java scripting language. Because of its flexible nature, Groovy serves as a modern and more advanced alternative for Java. It uses static Java compiler and is completely based on JVM. It offers the stability that Java has, although in a more flexible manner.

Even the syntax of Groovy is somewhat similar to that of Java. Although not all, but most of Java codes are also valid in Groovy. This is why Groovy is considered a more dynamic version of Java that is more productive.

Even though Java is still a programming language that is widely used, implementation of certain tasks such as file handling and string manipulation is somewhat difficult in Java. Groovy allows coding and implementation of difficult tasks in a simple and dynamic way. If you already know Java, learning and implementing Groovy will be easy for you.

Getting help with Groovy programming

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