Grab the Top 10 Skills Used for Doing Homework and to Succeed on Any Subject

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Homework means a set of tasks assigned by the teacher to the students to be completed within a stipulated time period. It is a great way of improving student’s ability to learn and to increase their thought power. Incidentally, most students dread the word homework. They don’t want to hear anything about homework.

Features of homework:

  • Homework tends to take away children’s free time. After coming back home, from school they have to indulge in studying again. Recreation and pursuing hobby becomes a distant dream for many students
  • The basic objective of giving homework is to make sure that the children got a clear understanding of the subject matter.
  • It is one of the best way to test a child’s ability to think and apprehend any theory correctly
  • Besides, homework is also a great way to build up a strong parent child bonding. As a parent you can participate in helping your child to solve his queries and problems.

From where a child can seek help for their homework?

  • Internet:

Internet is a great way to gather all required information relating to homework. There are lots of sites that offer free information and also some paid sites whereby a child can directly seek help from a professional. There are online professional libraries from where a student can gather information on all kinds of subjects.

  • Different types of online tutoring:

There are various private institutions that tend to offer private tuitions to all students in need. With the passage of time, there is an increased emphasis on homework and to tackle that burden parents can put their child into different tutorials. For instance Kaplan and Sylvan learning centers offers help to all those students in need. Before putting your kid in any tutorial you can consult with the class teacher.

  • Parental involvement:

According to various studies conducted by different universities, parental involvement creates magic in a child’s positive outlook towards homework. However, some researchers also believe that too much parental involvement may spoil the children’s ability to think and to frame in their own way.

How effective is homework?

  • Student capability of learning increases to a great extent with the help of homework.
  • It is very effective when homework assigned by teachers matches with the skill of each student along with the topics covered in the class
  • The effectiveness increases when there is a stipulated time assigned too.
  • Misunderstandings, errors in thinking and validating process can be done effectively with the help of homework and a child can feel more content after finishing homework

What are the top 10 skills used for doing homework and to succeed on any subject?

In order to seek good grades in all subjects and also while doing homework you need to keep in mind some obvious factors. They are as follows:

  1. Stay as much organized as possible:

Do you want to get organized? Do you aspire to have a room where you will find everything you wanted? In that case start to be organized from today. Get a planner and hang it on your room. In that planner write about everything from assignment dates to exam dates etc. you can mention about your games day and about other extracurricular activities.

  1. Know about your expectations:

Don’t expect to get astonishing result when your homework was not up that standard. If you have doubt with your expectations then you can ask your teacher. If you feel that your child is suffering from exam and grade phobia then goes and talks with his class teacher. Whenever your child is suffering, you must intervene to solve his problem.

  1. Get a calm and quite study area:

Studying in front of the TV or with loud music on will keep you distracted all the time. It is always advisable to choose an isolated study area away from hustles and bustles.

  1. Build up a study plan:

Maintain a diary where you can note down of the assignments and about the topics that need to be covered by you before the exam. If you maintain a concrete study plan then you don’t have to cram the night before an exam. Buying a wall calendar is also a good idea to keep track of all unseen topics. You can set some goals.

  1. Be positive and think positive:

Even if a child is in the midst of the crisis, help him to feel positive. He may feel the sky is crashing down on his head, but you have to help him to generate positive flow of energy.

  1. Form a study group:

Are you still struggling to clear a concept? In that case studying together in a group can be very effective as it will help you to get a good understanding of the topic. Make sure the group is not too big and talkative to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  1. Be a good listener:

If you really want to succeed in real life, you need a good ear. You must listen to everything whatever is been taught in the class. Try to pay full attention in the class and jot down the main points in your note book.

  1. Strategies to do homework well:

It is quite natural for a child to feel stressed to do a lot of homework assignment. You need to imbibe in him some homework related strategies like:

  • He has ample time to finish his homework. it shouldn’t be like few minutes left to finish math homework
  • They should read the given assignment carefully several times before writing down.
  • You can teach him to skip a question and to carry on with the rest.
  • The difficult topics need to be covered before the easier ones.
  1. Read carefully:

Before you hold the pen read carefully. If you get a clear concept you can finish all your homework within a short span

  1. While doing homework keep dreaming your future:

Whenever you are doing homework, or studying a particular subject you must dream of its future prospects. If you are interested in a particular subject, then you must start to dream for securing highest in that subject.