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What is the importance of Gordon’s Model?

Myron Gordon was an expert and stated Gordon’s Model. The assumptions of this Model is different than others and this states that –

  • Availability of the external Finance is none
  • It can be an all-equity firm
  • A company and its earning are perpetual
  • There is no existence of Corporate tax
  • R is rate of internal return and this is constant
  • K is known as firm’s discount rate and it remains constant
  • If the retention ratio is declared once, then it remains constant. It indicates that the value of g is always equal to the br

The conclusion may be K > br = g in case of unfulfilled condition and in that case it becomes impossible to get a share.

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How to determine the market value of a share?

This can be easily demonstrated through a formula

P0 = E1 (1 – b) / (K – br)

Here, E1 is the current earning, r is the internal profitability, K is the capital cost, b means dividend policy and P0 is a derivation of the value of a share.

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