Get to Know- Should Homework be Banned Pros and Cons?

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As always homework is something no student can avoid in their whole academic life. Our parents did, we did and the next all generations will have to do it. But the problem is many people think why should homework be banned pros and cons related to it.

As because some researchers say that overburdened students feel so miserable with the pressure of homework in their life that they become aloof from a regular social.

So now without wasting much of your time let’s look at should homework be banned pros and cons of doing homework.

Pros of doing homework:

  • Ensures the students’ growth:

Homework benefits the teachers to keep a record of the student’s performance by homework finished up. Bringing homework on time also brings up the seriousness of the student toward the subject and the approach towards it.

  • The best way to develop tie management and study skill:

Doing homework at home helps the children to learn about managing time. It is an important lesson of life which a student can realise as they grow up.

  • Teacher and student interaction:

It develops the teacher-student relation by increasing communication. If a student faces trouble in a particular part of the concerning subject while completing the homework. They can later ask their regarding teacher about it and pass away their faults. Hence it is the best part about doing homework at home.

  • Teaches the meaning of responsibility:

The whole process of assigning homework to a kid and kid’ considering it as a necessary action. Then the next day it brings back to the teacher. It shows some responsibility.

  • Prevents the distraction of the students:

You all will agree with me that only the studies done at school are not enough for a student to complete syllabus and gain good marks out of it. So it is this homework that helps the kids to revise lessons even after the scheduled school.

Cons of doing homework:

  • Cuts off the student’s free time:

To give a student healthy life, the fresh young mind requires rest after a tiring day. Maybe some entertainment too! So after a long school day, it would be unfair to force the kid to do homework. At least I would never prefer doing homework after a long day.

  • Makes the child unsocial:

The parents must know the limit to everything. It is the duty of the parents to set time for their doing homework and to go to play out with other friends. This is because doing homework will not always help. Being a real person is also imperative!

  • The purpose of homework not being served:

Being in practice will inevitably ensure good grades. But that doesn’t mean someone else does your homework. But that is what happens now. So definitely this will not help in getting good grades. Parents are advised to help their kids with their homework but not doing them personally.

  • Creates an excess pressure on the student:

After completing an entire day at school, returning home and again sitting with homework creates an absurd pressure on them. In such situation they all need is a break from the monotonous routine. Like a short trip or a little hang out with friends. If such are not done then, it will cause depression.

  • Increase clashes between parent and kid:

Parents who force their children to study all day long catalyse a gap between you and your child. You just can’t force your child to study always. Sometimes what you need to do is just be your child’s best friend and try to understand them to their perspective. If you can’t be their friend, then don’t force them and ruin the relation.

Our part is to keep all the contradictions aside and focus on the good of the students. Going into contradictions like should homework be banned pros and cons would be a mere waste of time. My views will always be that a student must participate in every sphere of life. So homework is necessary, and similarly, entertainment and co-curricular activities are also equally important.

Where teachers are contributing time teaching the students and can’t it be expected from the student to participate equally? Whatever it is important to keep all contradictions aside and focus on what must be done. I must say to those parents who are well aware of their kids. Also, students must know all the Funny excuses for not having your homework and realise that excuses won’t help.

Obtaining skill is not so difficult you can achieve it with consistency. So, what are you waiting for students? Hurry up! Do not listen to anything like should homework be banned pros and cons. However hard the debate may be, but homework will never be prohibited in any part of the world. Students have to concentrate on their task to make their future brighter.