Clear Your Concepts of Physics with Help of General Physics Assignment Help

Physics is one of the ancient academic subjects which can be tracked back to 650-480 BC. It is a subject which acts as a backbone for students who wish to become engineers, pilots, scientists, air force personals, etc. But in today’s generation pursuing such a career requires a lot of dedication, commitment and time management.

Students need to excel in studies as well as another extra curriculum. Therefore time management comes into consideration.

Therefore, we try to help students to fulfill their dreams and ambitions by helping them in their general physics assignment help.

What is physics?

Physics is a sector of science which deals the motion or force of any matter through time.  Its concepts are related to topics such as force and energy. Since this subject has an array of topics and concepts, we at general physics homework help services try to assist students in their physics homework and assignments.

Few topics related to general physics assignment help

  1. Force-

Force can be defined as push or pull to a certain object which can create or change its momentum and direction. Newton invented 3 Laws which are related to Physics.

The Laws are:

  • Newton’s First Law: An object remains at rest or motion unless it is acted upon by a force
  • Newton’s Second Law: A body can accelerate when a force is imposed on it. The mass of the object is equally proportional to the force being applied to it. This means, that the heavier the mass of the object is, the more force is required to make the object accelerate.
  • Newton’s Third Law: For every force or change in motion there is an equal reaction from the opposite direction.
  1. Mechanics-

In Mechanics, there is two major classical mechanics and quantum. In classical mechanics, we deal with the motion of a body under the influence of force on it. It deals with the laws relating to force.

On the other hand, quantum mechanics is an advanced field of study. It deals with quantum field theory. It is theory which supports the low energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.

  1. Electricity and Magnetism-

This is a major topic under general physics assignment help. It deals with the study electromagnetic force. These force exhibit electromagnetic field.

  1. Sound and Vibration-

Physics studies the theory behind the production of sound due to vibration that is caused by audible mechanical wave through a medium like water and air.

Problems with Students face in Understanding

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