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Brief knowledge on futures and options

Futures and options are known to be a common form of derivatives. They are said to be financial instruments which can enable to derive value from an “underlying”. Underlying can surely be known as stock which is issued by currency, gold, company etc.

While studying this concept, you will get to know that derivative instrument can surely be traded independently of any underlying asset. The value of derivative may change depending on changes in value of underlying.

Types of derivatives

While exploring the future and options homework help, you will be able to understand that derivatives are of two types:

  1. Exchange trade:

As the name says, they are traded through any organized exchanges that occur across world. You will get to know that such instruments are bought and sold through exchanges like stock market.

  1. Over the counter:

These derivatives are not actually traded through any exchanges. They come up with varied features and are not standardized.

Explain ‘Futures’ and ‘options’

Futures contract is known to be an agreement that occurs among two different parties who are eager to buy or sell asset at specified time in future at a specific price. The futures and options assignment help will also make you aware that such agreement is only applicable for those who do not possess any money to buy contract at present.

Option enables buyer to enjoy right but not obligation. As buyer, there is a chance to choose to enable choice to buy call or put option lapse. The seller would have obligation to comply with contract. There are two different types of options:

  1. Calls:

It helps buyer to enjoy right but there is no obligation of buying a certain quantity of underlying asset.

  1. Puts:

Enable buyer to have right to sell a certain quantity of underlying asset at a specific price on or before future date.

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