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Funds statement or funds flow statement is a report that describes funds movement or working capital. In this subject, students learn about the way of raising working capital and how it is used over an accounting period.  Our aim of providing funds statement assignment help is to make our students self-sufficient so that they can make such report independently without any error.

Importance of funds flow statement

The word fund also means net working capital. Funds flow statement is all about making a statement of sources and application of funds. A purpose of this statement is to study the changes in financial condition of a company between two different periods. It shows the way of financing general expansion of any business.

Our funds statement homework help providers can explain you the process of preparing fund flow statement in detail.

  1. First and foremost method is to make a statement of movement of funds. It means to recogniseexisting changes in working capital by detecting the differences in volume of working capital.
  2. Next step is to prepare a list of non-current A/c items and changes in their volume. Changes are recorded to quantify the flow fund.
  3. Third statement is preparing Adjusted Profits & Loss account.
  4. Finally, you can prepare a fund flow statement.

Get our funds statement homework help and understand other related terms in detail:

  1. Net profit method

This method helps in computing fund flow from operations. In this method, total capital from operations can be evaluated using two different methods. One method is through the statement format, and another method is accounting statement format.

  1. Ratio analysis

It is another important tool to analysefinancial structure of any business fleeces, corporate houses,etc. The ratio shows the relationship between the two related variables. An accountant calculates accounting ratios based on existing accounting information which is extracted from financial statements and is not in a position to disclose the status of an enterprise. This ratio is used to study the relation between available quantitative information. It also helps in taking a decision on the financial performance of a firm.

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We have highly qualified finance experts in our team. Our veteran experts explain each and every concept on the financial statement in detail with real-time examples. They can guide you to analyse and study various types of information so that you can prepare a flawless statement.

Benefits of the statement

It is a useful tool for long-term analysis. It enables the management to judge the financial and operating performance of any business.

  1. With the help of this statement management, you can find answers to the given question:-
  • How were the profits of the company utilised?
  • To identify the reason for an imbalance between liquidity position and profitability position of an organisation.
  • Why a company is financially strong though there were losses?
  1. The statement also the management to know if the working capital is properly utilised or not.

Fund flow statement is an important subject in finance, and you must understand it properly while studying it. The assignments in this subject are usually based on case studies, in which you have considered several types of expenditures. While providing funds statement assignment help at 24x7assignmenthelp.com, we use all the movement in cash flow with proper reasoning.

We can assure you to teach the skill of preparing a flawless statement.