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Students of Accounts have to deal with budget preparation throughout the year, as budgeting is one of the important accounting tools. There are various types of budgets, such as master, static, operational, and functional budget is one of them.   Budget preparation is quite time-consuming and needs lots of concentration. Sometimes, students find it very tough to prepare it during their busy schedule. To make their work easier and to provide them with some innovative ideas and offer functional budget assignment help.

Comparison between functional budget and master budget:

A functional budget is meant for a limited area of any company, such as a department, division, project or other specific aspects of the business. For creating a functional budget, you will have to allocate a percentage of items in your master budget to the function in order to draw an exact picture of its financial performance.

On the other hand, a master budget is the total budget of a business which considers overall income and expenses of the company. A master budget helps in determining overhead costs and assigning them evenly to each department or evaluating their proportional assignment.

A functional budget can be permanent or temporary. It depends on the purpose of using it. For example, suppose you are organising an annual event. In that case, you may only need a functional budget only for three to four months. Suppose, you produce three different products; then you will require 3 permanent functional budgets to track the performance of each.

We know accurate knowledge on a budget is very important to become a successful accountant. Therefore, we try to give thorough information on this topic while providing functional budget assignment help.

What do we need to provide functional budget homework help?

  1. Master Budget

You need to refer the master budget of a company for creating a functional budget. It helps in assigning the part of corporate overhead to the function, project, or department for which you are preparing a separate budget.

  1. Overhead Assignment

The overhead is assigned to the function, department or project after thorough objective and subjective analysis total overhead the function needs.

  1. Dedicated costs

To create a functional budget, you also need to consider the hard costs related to an operation. Dedicated costs include functional marketing, shipping, contract labour fees, etc. Many companies consider labour costs as dedicated cost instead of overhead if the labour is used just for that function.

  1. Intra-departmental functional budgets

Small businesses analyse operations within areas of the business to create a functional budget. Besides planning a functional budget for an IT department, a company may need a separate functional budget for a particular development project on which the department is working.

  1. Timeline

Like other budgets, a functional budget must also have a fixed timeline.

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