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Two approaches to estimate evidence about competing hypothesis:

All of you know that statistics is a science of collecting data and extracting meaningful information from those small pieces of data. Being the students of statistics, you have to learn about two types of approaches of extracting information from given data.

  1. Frequentist approach to statistics
  2. Bayesian approach to statistics

What is Frequentist approach to statistics?

This approach is mainly used in research areas in the field of life sciences.  In this method, statisticians reach to the conclusions after analysing sample data. They emphasise on the frequency or proportion of the data to draw a conclusion.  While providing Frequentist Approach to Statistics assignment help, we teach students the way of using measures such as p-value and confidence intervals to reach a conclusion.

Bayesian is an alternative method of drawing interpretation from the given data. This approach uses Baye’s theorem to update the probability for the hypothesis in the presence of more evidence or information. It is mainly used in mathematical statistics.

Comparison between the two approaches:

When we provide Frequentist Approach to Statistics assignment help to our students, we teach them the skill of comparing the two approaches.

  1. P-value is an important feature in frequentist method. Statisticians have to decide if the value warrants cancellation of the null hypothesis. In Bayesian method, statisticians take decisions based on the probability of hypothesis.
  2. In a case of statistical analysis of scientific investigations, an evaluation is made of strength of evidence against null hypothesis of data. Statisticians use frequentist approach for hypothesis testing. In contract, Bayes’ theorem is logically rigorous.
  • In a method regarding frequentist, sometimes unidentified parameters are treated as they have a fixed values. Statisticians cannot treat these values as random variates. Thus, there isn’t any possibility to associate probabilities with them. While in a Bayesian method, statisticians can associate probabilities to unknown parameters.
  1. Though, probabilities are associated with the two methods. They are associated with various other things. So in a simplified way,Bayesian method can be for parameters probability distribution which gives results of study or experiment. The result of the subject approach is either false or true assumption that is generated from a significance test.

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