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FoxBase in Detail

FoxBase is now known as Visual Foxpro. It is a procedural, data centric, computer programming language which was created by Microsoft. It was taken from FoxPro. Fox software developed this in 1984 and merged in 1992 with Microsoft. This works on DOS, Mac OS and Unix. Version 9.0 is last released in 2004. In 2007, this version was upgraded which is the last final product.

Handling of Data

This language has indexing commands and database manipulation in an extensive manner. The commands’ index ‘help’ in version 9.0 has many hundred functions and commands described. This language has a table and also a builder screen of a database. This creates indexes and tables without making a person to write any code. To know more about this go through FoxBase homework help.

Sample Codes

This language FoxBase contains certain commands that are quite similar. These have similar qualities with languages like BASIC. The loops include if, do, while, else, for commands. This makes it easy for a person to understand who is familiar with several programming languages. Commands here take form of endcommand and command.

It has a library of extensive nature which predefines visual objects and classes. These are accessed in IDE by Property Sheet which includes Methods. Such codes like objects and defining classes are required for special cases and large system framework. For more samples, one should get FoxBase homework help.

The History of FoxBase

The history of this programming language goes through various phases. The syntax is based on the computer programming language dBase. It is used for writing applications for fat client as well as web applications and middleware. To know about the history and timelines in detail, order our FoxBase assignment help.

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