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What is Forward Contract VS Currency Futures?

Forward contract refers to a customized contract between two individuals or parties in purchasing or selling a specific asset at a fixed cost at a later time. A forward contract, as compared to standard futures contracts, can be tailored to any goods, date of delivery and amount. The settlement of this type of contract can occur on the basis of a delivery or cash.

Currency futures are also referred to as Foreign Exchange Future or FX future. This is a futures contract of a transferable nature and can assign the price at which at a later time a currency can be purchased or sold. Currency future contracts can be helpful to investors in hedging or minimizing the scope of loss against risk of FX (foreign exchange). Our Forward Contract VS Currency Futures Assignment Help services offered by experts can assist you in understanding both types of contracts and complete your projects in the best possible manner.

What is the essentiality?

A forward contract can be utilized for speculation or hedging, although the non-standardized nature of the contract makes it especially appropriate for the purpose of hedging. Currency future contracts help investors to minimize losses against FX risk. The price is fixed at the time that the contract is signed, as happens in the foreign exchange market. But most players in the currency futures market merely speculate and close their positions prior to the settlement date. Naturally, most of the contracts do not survive until the delivery date.

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