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Countries and their different currencies doesn’t place a hindrance anymore to foreign business with the exceptional advantages provide by Forex. The banks performing vital roles in treasury often involves in forex. There are other financial institutes too who involve positively in these processes but mostly they are large banks. You can get the complete view with our Forex and Treasury Assignment Help. For detailed support contact us today at our official website

What is Forex?

The foreign exchange market is commonly known as Forex. This has many names like FX or even a currency market. Forex is the biggest trading market of the world. The currencies are bought, sold or exchanged in this market. This whole process follows a fixed rate or which is a current rate of the exchange values. Forex doesn’t involve in determining the rates but rather set the currencies by evaluating one currency against the other.

From Forex and Treasury Assignment Help you will notice that one buyer buys one currency of other country with their native currency. But who are these agents playing in between buyers and sellers of the currencies? They are large banks and their branches. Usually they buy currencies in huge amount, often in millions or billions of dollars and then offering them for buying from them.

Characteristics of Forex:

From Forex and Treasury Assignment Help you can get some general views on its characteristics:

  • The large amount of assets are involved and transformed into a high liquid form in this market.
  • This is a global platform of currency exchange.
  • Buyers can buy other currency with a fixed or determined rate and pay with their own currency.
  • The Forex is active for 24 hours but without weekends.
  • There are low profit rates as against some other fixed income types but Forex uses leverage to extend the limits of profit and loss margins.

What is treasury management against Forex?

In this next section of Forex and Treasury Homework Help we will discuss about treasury management done by large banks and their branch. The goal of this process is to increase liquidity of financial market and operational qualities and decreasing risks involved. Here, trading with bonds or currencies play large roles since larger banks work as agencies of Forex.

Banks are used to divide their departments in order to help their clients’ need. There are some very common among them:

  • Forex desk that will buy and sell currencies of different countries.
  • Fixed income desk that will buy and sell securities having interest on them.
  • Capital market desk to deal in stock market.

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