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The procedure of making forecasts about the economy of a country is formally termed as Economic forecasting. Such forecast is carried out at a certain level of wholesomeness, say based on GDP. It might also be availed at a stage where so much of aggregation doesn’t exist. The latter case is specific to certain kind of economy only. These predictions come handy for a lot of purposes.

It is primarily important to define the line of attack, multi-year strategies, and financial statement for the coming year of both government organization and private firms. Stock market specialists use predictions to aid them guesstimate the evaluation of a firm and its stock or share. These are primary uses for a broader conception. If you wish to have a deeper understanding, you can opt for our forecasting and econometric models assignment help.

 The steps that have to be followed

The various steps involved in economic forecast might be stated as under:

  1. Get input data: This is the first mandatory step
  2. Look for historical relationship: A step that is unavoidable in forecast process
  3. Model: There exist well-defined Make choice of one based on the problem
  4. Report: Form a conclusion about the obtained data using graphical means.

These are the generic stages in forecasting and econometric models assignment help provided by us at

What are economic models?

As stated early, economic model is needed for forecast. An economic model identifies the statistical association that is supposed to exist amid the numerous economic magnitudes concerning to a specific economic phenomenon. So, this is problem specific in nature.

Sometimes it is stochastic in nature while at other times it may be traced to certain economic theory.

Central banks and government organization make use of comprehensive models of macroeconomic relationships for forecast and subsequent evaluation. Students can rely on forecasting and econometric models homework help manuals by our experts where they shall find well-defined models with real life cases.

Few economic models

There are few models that need to be at the figure tips of the economic students. With best forecasting and econometric models assignment help from our end, one can get to know of it.

Below is the rough idea:

  • Linear regression:

It is a method for demonstrating the connection between a scalar quantity and one or more explanatory quantities. The former quantity denoted as X is dependent while the latter one denoted as Y is the independent one.

  • Logit:

It is the logistic transform used in statistics. It is kind of a confluence of probability and logarithms.

  • Probit:

It is the function related to the standard normal distribution. It is a quartile function. It is usually represented as N (0, 1).

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