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Fluid mechanics:

Fluid mechanics deals with liquids andgases along with the application of forces on them. To understand the concept of fluid mechanics, it will lead you back to the days of Archimedes investigation and buoyancy principle.

Fluid mechanics is divided into two:

  1. Fluid statics:

Fluid statics is the study of fluids when it is at rest. It includes the study of conditionsof compressible or incompressible fluids at rest. The study of conditions under which fluids bring stable equilibrium is the main phenomenon.

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  1. Fluid dynamics:

Fluid dynamics is the study of fluids when forces acted on it and caused the motion (flow). This fluid flow can be converted into useful energy by implementing mechanical connections.

Fluid mechanics is also the study of discharge and velocity characteristics of liquids or gases. In this context, it is essential to study:

  • Manometer
  • Venturimeter
  • Pitot tube
  • Orifices
  • Syphon

In fluid dynamics, several principles and theories are discussed to explain the phenomenon of flow of fluids. One of the basic principles is Bernoulli’s principle.

Bernoulli’s principle:

It states that speed of fluid always occurs simultaneously. This happens with adecrease in pressure, or this is because of adecrease in potential energy of liquid. Bernoulli’s principle is widely being used in theform of Bernoulli’s equation and is valid for all incompressible fluid flows.

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