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About Flow Singularity Modeling:

In computation fluid dynamics r fluid mechanics, Flow Singularity Modeling is a very important aspect. When groundwater, in its steady-state, flows through the aquifers, this flow can be represented in 2D or two dimension. This graphical representation is known as Flow Singularity Modeling or also flownet. Our Flow Singularity Modeling Assignment Help services describe this in details, with mathematical and graphical representation.

Basic method of Flow Singularity Modeling:

To make the Flow Singularity Modeling, the followings need to be done.

  • The flow area needs to be filled with equipotential lines and with stream.
  • These must make a curvilinear grid.
  • The equipotential lines and stream must be perpendicular with each other at every point.
  • Two surfaces are there that act as boundaries – downstream head and upstream head.
  • All the other surfaces are no-flow boundaries.

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Singularity of the Flow Singularity Modeling:

When there are kinks in the streamline, an irregular point occurs in the flow field. This irregular point is known as Singularity. There are two conditions in which this singularity can occur. These are –

  1. Bend is inward and flux is zero
  2. Bend is outward and flux is infinite.

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Darcy’s Law:

This is an important law that a student of mechanical studies must understand in details and have a clear concept about it. In Flow Singularity Modeling, when the water flows through the flownet, the head drops are absolutely uniform as per the model of construction. The law says that in this case, the gradient is inversely proportional to block sizes. This means –

  • Low gradient due to big blocks
  • Low discharge ensured.

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