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Economics is a comprised study of social sciences, where you get to study to understand every stage that determines production, consumption, and distribution of all goods produced in any market. There is a lot to learn in economics. There are two parts of economics; known as microeconomics and macroeconomics.

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Microeconomics- in brief:

It is a subcategory of the field economics, which deals with the individual preferences and decisions of the individual. These have effects on a market status and the demand on supply system. This branch is pretty influential and plays a dominant part in the subject and corporate field.

What is Price distribution?

It is nothing but, simply a scenario where a business starts charging a variety of prices to various types of consumers or groups customers; for the same service or commodity which they produce or provide. The two chief reasons for such cases are;

  • The difference in the prices on demand elasticity.
  • To prevent resale and switching of customers.

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It will inevitably occur if; any seller who is capable of understanding the accurate value that a consumer is willing to pay for the goods or the services. This case is also named as optimal pricing.

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