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What is a financial swap?

A swap is known to be a derivative which includes two counter parties exchange cash flows along with a party’s financial instrument. The benefit would definitely be identified once the type of financial instruments involved is recognized.

Supposedly, if a swap includes two bonds, the benefit can be earned through periodic interest payments which are associated with such bonds. Two counter parties need to agree upon exchange of one stream of cash flows that occur with another stream.

Streams are referred as the legs of swap. The swap agreement further explains that the due date when cash flows need to be paid should be accrued and calculated. Financial swaps homework help will make you aware that there is a certain time when contracts get initiated.

Reason to opt for financial swaps

There are different reasons why parties seem to give consent on such an exchange:

  • Investment objectives might have changed or even the repayment scenarios may not be similar.
  • Hedging can be gained through swaps and it is similar to that of mitigation of any risk which is associated along with floating rate loan repayment.
  • It turns out to be a beneficial option when an alternate stream of cash flow is available compared to any existing one.

Financial swaps assignment help ensures that you understand it is an OTC products which comes along with great flexibility in regard to design and structure which is based on any mutual agreement.

The flexibility may even lead to different swap variations and each would come up with specified purposes. You will be able to know about different types of swaps:

  • Interest Rate swaps
  • Currency swaps
  • Commodity swaps

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