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What is financial statement?

Another term by which you can recognize financial statement is financial report. It is considered as a record of financial positions and activities regarding a person, business or any company.

What does financial statement involve?

Financial statement involves the following things:

  • Profit and loss appropriation account (depicts disposal of the earnings that are kept in reserve)
  • Profit and loss and trading account (displays a company’s working in a year)
  • Balance sheet (showcases financial positions)

Variations in analysis

There are many variations regarding financial statement analysis. But we have highlighted here mainly 4 types of analysis.

  • Internal analysis

This analysis is related to book of accounts.

  • External analysis

These analyses are made by firms like credit agencies.

  • Vertical analysis

In an accounting phase, it depicts theratio of certain data.

  • Horizontal analysis

This analysis is based on data collection for a certain number of years.

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Tools for interpretation

There are various tools which are associated with the analysis of financial statement.

  • Ratio analysis
  • Common size percentage
  • Trend ratio
  • Income statement
  • Comparative balance sheet

Problems that are solved by

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  • Meaning of it in the business contextual term
  • Role of analysis regarding financial statements
  • Efficiency of capital being used in business by a company
  • Observations regarding credit standards

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