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Normally, we all know that market can be denoted as a place where potential buyer meets potential seller and exchange goods for money. Financial market is a section where individuals meet and associated in all sort of monetary transaction. Here, individual deals in financial product like bonds, mutual funds, shares, and so on.

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What are the financial market types?

Capital market: It is a place where persons invest for more than 1 year. In this market, there are different types of financial institutions who raise funds from people and make proper investment for longer period of time. Capital market is again categorised into 2 markets-

  • Primary market- it is a capital market in which firms issue new shares, bonds and stock. As the name signifies, in this market shares and securities for first time are issued by companies.
  • Secondary market- it is a capital market where already traded securities and stocks are purchased and vended.

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Different types of capital market-

  1. Derivatives market
  2. Stock markets
  3. Commodity market
  4. Bond markets
  5. Future market
  6. Mortgage market
  7. Insurance market
  8. Foreign exchange market
  9. Private market
  10. Money market

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What is Financial Markets Management?

It is a management which is concerned with examination of investment markets and planning. They evaluate investment risks and returns. It is very important to keep an eye on the regulation of market. Financial market management keepsfocusing on the investment process, tax planning, and portfolio management and so on.

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