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What are financial markets?

The financial markets and institutes assignment help give you immense knowledge on subject. Our team will clarify all doubts and will define the topic in a simple and easy manner. The financial market is known to be an aggregate market of buyers and seller of various financial securities, commodities and other transactions that take place between them.

Financial markets can be classified in different ways such as general markets and specialized markets, money markets and capital markets and also primary and secondary markets. Usually, in financial markets it is a term that is used to raise finance:

  • In case of long-term finance, you will probably use the capital markets
  • In case of short-term finance, money markets are widely used

Types of financial market

Our financial markets and institutes assignment help will give you complete explanation on different types of financial markets such as:

  1. Capital market:

This may consist of secondary and primary markets. In relation to primary markets, it deals with issued bonds and stocks that are exchanged while in case of secondary market, it includes buying and selling of bonds and stocks. Therefore, thecapital market can be distinguished into bond and stock market.

  1. Money market:

It may facilitate only short-term debt financing as well as capital.

  1. Derivatives market:

It deals with instruments that can enable in monitoring financial risks.

  1. Insurance market:

With our financial markets and institutes homework help, you get to know about insurance markets which allowin therelocation of different risks.

Categorizing the financial institutions

24x7assignmenthelp.com is highly dedicated in service and make sure that you acquire complete knowledge on thetopic. The financial institution can easily be categorized into:

  • Finance and insurance institute
  • Risk management institutions
  • Investment institutions
  • Deposit-taking institutions

You will also come across with governmental financial institutions that are actually assigned along with supervisory functions. The main function of financial institutions that is further explained in our financial markets and institutes assignment help are:

  1. Acceptance of deposits
  2. Issuing of share certificates
  3. Offering commercial loans
  4. Mortgage loans

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