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Financial Management is an area which is concerned with financial decision making in an organisation. Financial decision may be in relation to investment, financing, working capital and dividend. The aim is to maximise the value of the shareholders. Thus, we can say that financial management answers the following questions-

  • Where to invest?
  • Where to raise funds from?
  • How much to retain and how much to distribute?
  • How to manage working capital?

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What are the elements of Financial Management?

  • Reporting
  • Planning
  • Allocating resources
  • Managing performance & Resources

What should be the objective of financial management?

  • Minimize costs
  • Maximise market share
  • Maximize profit
  • Maximise earning per share

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What is the function of a financial manager?

There must be a person in a business responsible for managing the financial affairs. A financial manager manages funds and takes a decision on proper utilisation of funds. We have professionals who explain the terms very well to the students to help them in best possible way. Take advantage of our Financial Management assignment help online. Let’s point out some important functions a financial manager performs.

  • He decides how much funds are required for long-term, medium-term and short-term purposes.
  • Then he decides the sources from which he can procure the funds keeping in mind about the risk, cost and control factors.
  • After capital structure decision, he takes decisions about the assets on which the funds are to be invested. The fixed assets management policy, cash management policy, inventory management policy and debtor’s management policy are to be decided by the financial manager.
  • He also takes the dividend decision. He decides how much earnings are to be retained and how much is to be distributed as dividend.
  • Financial manager must ensure the availability of adequate cash when needed. Organisation must have enough cash available to meet day to day expenses.
  • He exercises the financial control.

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What are the three major financial decisions?

There are three types of decision which a financial manager takes- investment decision, financing decision and dividend decision.

  • Investment decision- it relates to the selection of assets in which the funds are to be invested. Two types of decisions are taken under this. First is capital budgeting decision and second is working capital decision. To know the factors which affect the investment decisions, visit us at 24X7assignmenthelp.com. We will provide best online Financial Management assignment help.
  • Financing decision- this decision revolves around the sources from which funds are to be raised. Factors which influence such decision are- risk, control, cost, financing leverage, flexibility, cash flow ability, market condition, floatation costs and legal framework.
  • Dividend decision- it involves a decision on how much to retain the profit and how much to distribute as a dividend to the shareholders.