Opt for Financial Decisions Homework Help to Know Fundamentals of Financial Decision

Financial decisions are generally related to the investment activities and development strategies of the firm. It is very important for the planning for the goals of the organisation. Financial managers are responsible for the financial health of the company and help to make financial decisions.

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What are the functions of finance?

Money can be said as lifeblood of any business and finance is considered as nerve centre. The objective of any finance function is to attain three benefits-

  • Business sustenance service
  • Active control of environment
  • Lowest cost

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What are the types of financial decisions?

Finance team make two types of financial decisions which are- Investment and financing. These two decisions are about how the money is spent and how it is borrowed. We know that the decisions must maximise the shareholder’s value. Via Financial Decisions homework help,you can get elucidated info about it.

  • Investment decision

It is a decision on how much to spend on assets so that it gives highest return in a particular period of time. To take a wise decision on investment, a company must maintain a balance between short-term and long-term goals. Also, investment decisions are taken on how much to invest specifically to get highest return.

Investments must meet the following criteria-

  1. Investment must maximise the value of the firm.
  2. Investment must be financed
  3. Let’ssay 1st and 2nd conditions are not met. The cash must be returned to the shareholders to maximise their value.

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  • Financing decision

Finance department takes decisions on how to pay for the functions of the company through financing. Company can use its own funds or else borrow from external sources. Each type has its advantage and disadvantage. There are two ways of raising funds from outside-

  1. Borrowing loan- it is like taking a debt. The loan is paid back adding interest, which can be said as cost of borrowing.
  2. Selling equity- it is a selling part of the company. Say, company decides to sell the part of the company to the private investors instead of public.

Thus, we can say that financing decision regulates the ideal way to finance the investment.

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