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Studying Finance is all about knowing about the investments. It includes assets and liabilities in relation to risks and uncertainties. It can be considered as a science of managing money. Finance can be divided into three parts-

  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Public finance

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Explanations of the types of Finance-

  1. Personal Finance- Personal finance involves protection against unexpected personal events and also the tax policies. It includes the planning of secure financial future in an unstable
  2. Corporate Finance- Capital Finance deals with the structure of capital including the actions taken by the manager to increase the shareholder’s value. To balance the risk and profitability is what is linked to corporate finance.
  3. Public Finance- Public finance is related to the public entities. It can be said as a long-term investment decision. It is concerned with identifying expenditure requirement, finding sources, process of budgeting and debt issuance.

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An instance can be in the form of finance in various fields. There are six areas of planning in finance, which are as follows- Financial Position, tax planning, investment, retirement planning, adequate protection and estate planning.

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