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A process of removing certain undesirable components or structures from a signal is known as filtering or signal processing.This can be said as removing few frequency bands. These filters are usually used in electronic items like radio, television, music systems, and computer graphics and so on.

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Classification of filters-

There are many sources of classifying filters. Filters can be:

  1. Linear or non-linear
  2. Time-invariant or time-variant
  3. Casual or not-casual
  4. Analog or digital
  5. Discrete or continuous
  6. Passive or active type of continuous time
  7. Infinite impulse response or finite impulse response type of discrete-time

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What are linear continuous-time filters?

These filters are specially designed to remove certain frequency and allow some to pass. Circuits which perform here are linear. The design for linear continuous-time filters is known as network synthesis. There are certain other important filters in this way, which are-

  1. Chebyshev filter with best approximation.
  2. Butterworth filter with flat frequency reaction.
  • Bessel filters with a flat phase delay.
  1. Elliptic filter with steepest cutoff.

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What type of technologies is used by the filters?

Filters are built using different technologies. Same transfer functions can be realisedin several different ways.

  • Electronic filters– These filters were originally impassive consisting of confrontation and capacitance. This makes the design easy and new possibilities get opened up.
  • Digital filters– These filters are operated using signals characterised in digital form.
  • Mechanical filters– it is made up of mechanical constituents. It produces mechanical vibrations when signals are converted.
  • Distributed element filters– it is made up of components made up of small fragments of transmission line also distributed elements.
  • Wave guide filters– it has a class of lines of transmission called wave guides.
  • Crystal filters– it uses quartz crystals.
  • Optical filters– it is typically designed for photography and lighting. Later it used as signal processing.

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Filters for specific use-

There are certain filters which are used for special purposes. For example, filters used for removing noise from data are Wiener filter, Kalman filter, Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter. Likewise, some filters which are used for specific purposes are-

  • Audio filter
  • Texture filtering
  • Scaled filter
  • Line filter

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