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Field Studies consists of data collection of any lab experiment. This kind of collection of data is done mostly for a natural setting or environments. It can be expensive and time-consuming, yet the amount, as well as range of the statistics collected, can be irreplaceable. Field studies collect primary and secondary data by interviewing, surveys, observations and so on. The data which is collected here have some specific reason and purpose to get gathered.

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What are the types of Field Notes?

There are four types of Fields Notes; the brief descriptions are as follows-

  1. Jot notes-

In the field when main words or phrases are written, it is called Jot notes.

  1. Methodological notes-

These are the notes which researcher has in his mind is in relation to how to execute the new ideas.

  1. Field notes proper-

These notes are all about the conversations between the people involved in the project. It can be based on the behaviour of the people.

  1. Journal and Diaries-

The personal reactions of an ethnographer’s reaction and work in the field are known for maintaining journal and diaries. It can also contain the obstructions and assessments of his life.

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What is Ethnography?

It is a primarily qualitative research established to study the principles of non-western society.It provides detailed information on how a particular group in the society operates.Explorations of social practices are also involved here. There is a procedure which is followed for conducting Ethnography.

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Features of Ethnographic research-

  • Detailed investigation of few circumstances carried out in this research.
  • It works with primary collected data.
  • Explores social phenomena.
  • It involves an under standing of human actions and functions. Mainly it can be said as a verbal explanation.
  • It focuses on finding reports in the field more than the methods of data collection.
  • It explains the culture of a group in details. Ethnographic research can be based on the whole group or a part of it.

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