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Mathematics can give jitters to many students. The understanding of various equations does not come easy, and just when you think that the battle is over, a new assignment with complicated riddles comes to the surface. However, with able guidance and knowledgeable inputs, you can be an expert of the subject!

An Introduction to Feasible Solution by VAM

VAM or Vogel’s Approximation Method is a way of finding solutions to problems related to allocation or distribution. It is used to distribute resources amongst options which are in direct competition with each other. Feasible Solution by VAM is considered the most accurate way of calculation in approximation.

How VAM Works

  1. Build a table mentioning corresponding costs for demand and supply
  2. The difference between Demand and supply figure is mentioned in the corresponding column
  3. This difference is also known as penalty
  4. The highest amount is reallocated many a times, till a parity is achieved

VAM is considered as the best method to resolve such problems, however there are studies going on to improve this method.

Feasible Solution by VAM Assignment Help

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Simplified Way

  • Feasible Solution by VAM can be handled efficiently using these steps:
  • Prepare the demand and supply cost table
  • Calculate the difference between the two, and mention the difference in a separate column
  • Analyse the maximum difference amount
  • Reassign demand figure in the columns and well as rows
  • Now ignore the rearranged rows and columns, and repeat this exercise, until a balance has been achieved throughout.

Why Students Need Feasible Solution by VAM Assignment Help

  1. Students find it extremely difficult to understand the logic behind modifications and real locations
  2. ‘The calculations are time consuming
  3. It is not easy to figure out the precise outcome as the figures are not derived at one go
  4. A lot of times, this is not considered to be the most accurate method

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