Factors Influencing Dividend Policy Assignment Help: Answer to an Outstanding Score!

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What are the various factors affecting dividend policy?

In our factors influencing dividend policy homework help service, you will find all the important factors which affect dividend policy. Here we have provided a gist of the different factors.

  • Legal requirements

Although there are no legal obligations regarding dividend distribution but few conditions are implied by law on the manner of it. For dividend payment, there are 3 rules.

  • Insolvency rule
  • Capital impairment rule
  • Net profit rule
  • Repayment requirement

There are many debt financing forms which a company uses for meeting its investment requirements.

  • Liquidity position of a company

The liquidity position of a company is also influenced by dividend payout. If earnings of a company can’t be held in cash, it won’t be able to pay cash dividend.

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  • What should be the call to action of a shareholder during tax situations?
  • How can stability of earning effect dividend?
  • How approach towards capital market affect a company’s dividend payment capacity?

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