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Financing is an important part of any business because proper financing can help to expand the business and to make a maximum profit. Financing is of two types.

  • Internal financing

It is a fund that the company receives from the profit of its own investments.

  • External financing

It refers the fund that a business can get from outside ofthe firm. Many sources are available for funding the companies under specific terms and conditions.

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Different sources of External Financing

Often companies get desired capital for their business from different reliable sources. They are:

  1. Long term sources

When business owner takes the fund from the reliable sources with specific terms and condition for more than a year to repay, then those sources are termed as long term sources, viz.

  • Equity sharing

It is a long-term source of external financing. By this means a business owner can get desired amount of fund from outside investors by sharing the ownership rights of the business with those investors. Often they join the board of the company and give their opinion and advice for operating the business.

  • Debenture

It is the way of getting fund from private investors against equity, which is commonly used by the business owners. But here, instead of sharing ownership investors receive interest on the debt.To learn more and make the assignment on these, you can take help from our External Financing Sources assignment help.

  1. Short term sources

When the investors make fund for a business owner with specific terms and condition expecting to get back the amount within a short span of time, then they are termed as short term sources, viz.-

  • A short term loans

When there is an emergencya business owner can get short-term loan from the bank which has to repay within a year.

  • Lines of credit

Often banks give a financial support to the newcomer in the business world, for a short period. They are allowed to access a certain amount from the bank, but they can only borrow the money when they required.

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  • Payment on accounts

Sometimes business owner ask to pay on accounts instead of cash for purchasing any good, material or service. As the different bank has different pay rule, owners can get easily one to two months’ time to make the payment.

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