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What Is The Importance Of Export Pricing?

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  • Export pricing is the price that is fixed for exporting the products and services in the overseas market by the exporter. Thus finance and accounting students should know about this very important concept in detail.
  • The export pricing strategy is different from domestic pricing, because the price has to be determined after covering all the aspects and conditions that are prevailing in the international market.
  • Export pricing has to be decided very carefully. It should be such that it can cover the cost of production and also a reasonable amount of profit.
  • If the export price charged is too low then the international buyers may consider the product as inferior and if the price is too high then it may become out of the reach for the buyers to afford the product.
  • Export price should be kept at a range that matches with that of competitive brands. Otherwise if the price is too high the customers will go for already established brands. If any company is new in the market then they can consider promotional discounts while deciding export price.
  • Export pricing is very crucial on various fronts as it affects many other factors in the long run like company’s growth, performance, survival strategy, goodwill, profits, sales revenue etc.
  • There can be different strategies and methods for deciding optimum export price. Such a price should be chosen that can fulfill the long term vision of the organization.

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