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People often make the mistake of considering management studies to be easy and devoid of theories while it not. It does include quite a number of behavioral theories that needing thorough understanding to make a career in marketing and management.

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Decoding the theory:

Victor H. Broom first presented the Expectancy Theory in 1964 as a part of his studies in the motivation behind decision making. The theory states that the intensity of a person’s tendency to perform a task is directly proportional to the intensity of his/her expectation of its outcome. To elucidate this further, Vroom described that an employee’s motivation is driven by how much he/she wants a reward (Valence, as Vroom, terms it).

Factors of the theory:

Our team for expectancy theory homework help provides a thorough description and explanation of Valence, Instrumentality, Effort, and Performance.

  1. Valence is the significance a person associates with expected outcome. It is more of an expectation than the actual outcome the person might receive.
  2. Expectancy is the belief that increased effort will yield better performance.

There are 3determining factors for this-

  • Possessing the required skills
  • Having the right resources
  • Getting necessary support
  1. Instrumentality makes a person believe that better performance will yield better results.

Therefore, the expectancy theory concentrates on the following relations:

  • Performance-Reward Relation
  • Effort-Performance Relation
  • Rewards-Personal goals Relation

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Implications of the theory:

Studying a theory goes to waste if it is not applied practically. Most students have a problem is realizing the advantages and implications of this theory. Therefore, our panel of academicians at expectancy theory homework help has listed down a few for your convenience.

  • Managers can ensure that employees can achieve the target if rewarded with proper incentives.
  • The employee’s motivation level can be evaluated through continuous questionnaire and interviews.
  • Organizations can design the job in a more challenging manner. This will ensure increased level of effort leading to improved performance.
  • The manager can correlate the expected outcome to the preferred outcome quality.

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