Every Wondered Why Students Ask, “Help Me Do My Homework!”

11 Jun Every Wondered Why Students Ask, “Help Me Do My Homework!”

Imagine a scenario where your parents gave you the permission for a birthday night out with your friends. You get so excited that you start planning all the games and fun a week before the party. But hey! Does life really work the way you think? Sometimes not! In this whole fun, you supposedly forgot about the mathematics homework that you need to submit just the next day of your birthday. And now you will run every place possible if in case someone could help your scream, “Help me do my homework!”

As a student, you might understand the importance of homework for obvious reasons. All you must be thinking about now is your birthday night out which is going to be cancelled because of your homework. Let’s discuss few thoughts that might me rolling in your head right now.

Thoughts that catch your mind when you have mathematics homework

  • “Mathematics homework!! Oh gosh! Sleepless nights again”
  • “Oh, it means the part is cancelled”
  • “Oh dear lord, I planned so much for this party”
  • “Arrghhh. I really hope that someone could help me do my homework before that night out”
  • “But no one will, because they of course want better grades than each other”

Well, honestly speaking it is okay to think that way, because homework can be really tough on students sometimes. And since they are in their teenage time, they will fight with all sorts of emotions and feeling every day. Such thoughts also lead students to our second heading which is,

What do students think on, “How to get rid of homework?”

  • “Shall I call it a sick day? But no, everyone else would come to know about my birthday anyways”
  • “Shall I exceed the homework submission day? But what’s the point, I have to complete it anyways”
  • “Shall I ask some help from teachers? But not sure, if they will help me”

Such feelings are also very obvious for students to think. Since they do not want to miss chance to enjoy their birthday night out, such thoughts will automatically bounce in their head. Such a situation makes it crucial for students to ask for homework help. Not only because they have a party to attend, but the situation also make them fall into depression.

This leads to our next session on why students need homework help.

Why do students ask, “Help me do my homework”

Following are some major reasons on why students ask for homework help:

  • No interest in the subject

This is one of the most common reasons. So let’s say you are passionate about financial studies but you do not really statistical analysis and calculation in few of the topics of finance. So when you get homework on statistics, you probably ask for some help from your parents or online platform.

In my personal opinion, I feel that students must take a wise decision when they chose for a subject in the semester. Most of the times, students regret their choice after few weeks of study and look for other inspiration and choice of subject. And thus, it is important for students to attend counseling sessions before they opt for any particular subject in coming semester. An open discussion with your parents will also help you with a proper decision on the subject.

Therefore, students lose interest in the subjects, a thought always bounce in their head, “I wish someone could help me do my homework. This subject is really not interesting.”

  • They feel homework is waste of time

You: “help me do my homework

Your father: “But son! I explained you this concept a week ago, so I suppose you can easily complete your homework”

You: “I know I can, but I don’t want to. I really feel that homework is waste of time”

Such exchange of dialogues explains that students sometimes carry their own mindset about the educational and academic system. One such phenomenon is “homework is waste of time.” Let’s explain the same with an example:

You are assigned a financial homework to explain the types of factors affecting the forex market. Though you might be aware of all the factors required in your homework, but you feel that you would rather prefer answering the same in front of the whole class than writing an entire sheet on the same for two hours.

  • Missed lectures and notes

Students sometimes when they miss lectures and do not have the required notes and study material, they generally ask their classmates, “help me do my homework or provide me the study material required for the topic.”

This can happen to anyone. But missing lectures for a genuine reason is understood, but making the same as a habit can affect their learning and grades to a great extent. What professors teach in class help the students with proper understanding and explanation of certain topics, and hence help the students with better learning.

When missed lectures and notes, students sometimes find it really difficult to understand particular topics when they opt for self-study. And thus, they find it really tough to complete the homework on such particular subjects and topics.

  • Too much burden by other subjects

Help me do my homework in Mathematics, because I am caught up with finance homework too.” Sounds familiar right? Well, students realize lot of burden when they are assigned homework of all the subjects all together. Well, such a situation can lead to depression as students get confused with every subject and ultimately lose focus from every topic.

Such a scenario is really tough handling for students, and parents shall help their children with best guidance and proper timetable to follow. When students follow a particular schedule, it becomes easier to concentrate on each subject without being disturbed and depressed about their grades. Sometimes all it requires is patience and parents are the best help for students suffering depression.

So, after discussing the reasons on the requirement of homework help, it is also important for students to work on their personal skills. Students must accept challenge in a smarter way possible. You can still attend the birthday night out when your request to, “help me do my homework” is answered by your parents, classmates or probably you can enroll for online help. Choice is yours! But do not miss your homework for the party because you might miss expected grades because of the same.