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In statistics, the estimation or calculation is done for probability of expected value. Genuinely, expectation means what you expect from a particular event. It may be exact or may not be the same, and this is the prime reason that expected estimation value for a long run is always a random variable. You may get that estimation of expectation takes place on the basis of probability value. Our Estimation of the expected value µ homework help explains that how to get a good grip over the subject.

How to estimate the expected value μ?

Expected value is the mean value of sampled distribution by means of statistical data. If the data value is presumed, means the parameter is approximating, then there is an unbiased judgment parameter. The value for expectation is identified by “E.” Now, on that basis E[X], it is known as expected value and this X is known as mean value of μ.

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Explain the term expected value in a proper way

In case of variables which are discrete random is nothing else than average of probability –weight. It means each value assumed random variable is multiplied by the possibility of its arising. In this way estimation of expected value is evaluated. However, in different conditions of distribution and variables, the solution will give the different outcome.

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Our team experts explain that there are different terms that students need to know and only with the proper knowledge they can easily understand the value of estimation of the expected value µ. These terms are as below-

  1. Data reduction
  2. Parameters
  3. Random variable
  4. Biased
  5. Unbiased
  6. Mean square consistent
  7. Asymptotic relative efficiency

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