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ESL is quite an older term which refers to study of English by people with non-English mother tongue. A non- English person when visit to an English prevailing region then they have to do the communication with the local people in English. This reason is the main motive playing behind growth of this subject. And to lend out a hand to its students we have our ESL Vocabulary assignment help.

On the other hand, when English controls and rules a non-English region, then also indigenous peoples need to know the English second language to communicate with the rulers.That is the historical cause for the development of this topic.

Some details on this topic

Before knowing about second language or jumping in to take our ESL Vocabulary homework help, let us first survey a bit of English prevalent countries.Commonly, there are three divisions or rather three circles of such regions. They are:

  • Inner Circle–

This is the core or birthplace of English language, e.g. Britain, Ireland, Canada, USA, etc.

  • Extended Circle–

It refers to those parts of the world where the British spread its colonies and hence for better communications this second language had to be learnt, e.g. India, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

  • Expanding Circle –

There are places in this world where there were no colonies as such, but they learn English as an international or foreign language, e.g. Russia, China, Japan, etc.

We are more interested in the second group for our ESL Vocabulary assignment help.

Now, Vocabulary of any language is its stock of words, phrases, etc. But, like most languages, there are many international and loan words in English, which are given special importance in its study as a second language.

International words are those which have no general root to any language whatsoever. But,yet they have come into the dictionary following the internationalization of English, e.g. ‘hotel’.

Loan words however refer to the words which have been integrated into English from other languages with which they had contact, example ‘ballet’, ‘café’, ‘bungalow’, ‘Avatar’, etc.

It is easier to teach ESL in a bilingual system, because it helps in a lot of ways like comparison between the two languages, explaining loan words if there exist common ones, etc.We, the pioneers offer ESL Vocabulary homework help taking advantage of this and assist you.

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