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Statistics is a branch of mathematics, so critical, significant and powerful, that all science subjects doubtlessly require it. It is often said that wherever science fails to make deductions, statistics is an employed by them as a rescue.

This subject is all about dealing with huge number of systems and their data and making a more or less perfect overview which helps to take a lot of decisions. It also makes calculations of logical errors made while taking assumptions or averaging out overviews on the systems. Error handling is quite an important part. It is therefore included in homework syllabi. So, our Errors of Type I and II assignment help have to come to the rescue.

Null Hypothesis

To understand these error handling, first you need to know how they are generated. For that, what is needed is knowledge of null hypothesis. Hypothesis is any statement which is made regardless of whether it is true or false. Any such negative statement e.g. ‘This medicine does not cure fever’ or ‘It is not going to rain tonight’, etc. is called a null hypothesis.

Often in statistics, it boils down to proving or disproving such a statement. More information on null hypotheses can be found in our Errors of Type I and II homework help.

Error of first and second kind

There are several ways of proving or disproving a null hypothesis. One popular method is to use examples and counter examples. For example, if we can see logically and definitely that a null statement is being true for all possible real life examples that we can take up, then the statement is proved to be true. Again, if we can spot just one counter example against a statement, then it can immediately be disproved. You can know more details of these proving methods from our Errors of Type I and II assignment help.

Now, the error concerned here occurs when you fail to prove or disprove a hypothesis. On basis our inability, the errors have been divided into two groups:

  • Type One or Error of first kind

It occurs when we are unable to prove a true null hypothesis, due to lack of logical theories or lack of proper examples.

  • Type Two or Error of second kind

It arises out of our inability to disprove a false null hypothesis. Usually, such situations occur when we cannot find a counterexample against the statement.

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