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What is meant by errors of commission?

It is said when anyone puts any wrong entry in following ways:

  • Wrong entry of amount in original entry of book
  • Inaccurate positioning of transaction
  • Casting is mistakenly put in subsidiary books
  • Inaccurate balancing of accounts

These are the reasons when it can be said as errors of commission. They are even defined as double entry in personal account.

How errors of omission are defined?

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In case the transaction is omitted and it finally gets reflected while recording, then it is said to be as error of omissions. There are two different types:

  1. Completely omitted transaction
  2. Partial omitted transaction

In case the transaction does not get entered in any ways then it can be termed as complete omission. There can be indication, that the clerk enters something as $, but do not put the amount, then it is termed as partial omission.

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