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Telecommunications is an extremely crucial part of physics. The reason is that generating signals, transmission of it and receiving is all nothing but physics.Though it may sound more like computer science, but telecommunication uses physics more than anything.While two computers are communicating there may occur certain problems and unwanted changes might come in the data.This is popularly termed as data errors and is a common part in homework of students.

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Some info on this topic

Before any student jumps into knowing all about error, he or she must spend a bit time trying to understand all about the physics of communications and its different part.Communication is about sending binary data i.e. 0’s and 1’s from the sending computer to all receiving ones.It obviously cannot be sent as letters or objects like that. It is sent in form of either electric or electromagnetic signals.

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But why does error occurs?In case of electrical signals, errors occur mainly due electrical noise interference.If there is a strong electric or magnetic field producing source near the transmitting wire, then it might affect the signal and change it enough for errors to occur.Other than these signals also die out and go faint the longer they travel through a wire without being relayed.

Electromagnetic signals can be distorted by other signals of same frequency in that medium and hence, can give rise to erroneous signals.The physics of signal error and interference is one of the main focusses in our Error Detection & Correction Codes assignment help.

There are several ways and codes to detect and correct these errors. Some of the mare:

  • Repetition Codes
  • Parity bits
  • Check sums
  • Error correcting codes
  • Automatic repeat request
  • Hybrid schemes, etc.

These are logical codes that are implemented in the network software of these computers. It helps them to first detect whether there are errors in the received data and then correct them or request for the data once again from the sender. But, keeping in mind all these codes and their logics, and implementing them in your homework is quite difficult in reality. That is why students come to our Error Detection & Correction Codes homework help.

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