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Business is a determining factor of economy. It plays a significant role in holding and flourishing the whole economy of a nation as well as the world. Business has to pass through several system and procedure for its smooth running. Enterprise Resource Planning( ERP) is such a process which helps to bring together and maintain several important parts of business. It is an integral part of business management mainly for manufacturing company. It performs through digital technology and software.

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About the subject topic

An organization has different departments to perform different job activities. E.R.P helps to make an inter link for proper communication and sharing departmental information. Enterprise Resource Planning performs in the field of

  • Production processing
  • Purchase planning
  • Service and product delivery system
  • Sales and marketing process
  • Raw material management system
  • Stock or inventory planning
  • Transportation cost management
  • Payment procedure
  • Accounts, finance and management
  • Human resource activity.

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Significance of the topic

Enterprise Resource Planning works like the nervous system of a human body. Our nervous system controls all other systems and activities of different body parts. Like this, E.R.P also controls and provides effective supports to different parts of the business through its network and database management. The most important tasks that it performs are:

  • It helps to get integrated and update version of business information in a regular basis
  • Helps to keep track in different matters such as- flow of cash, raw materials, production capability and other status of the business.
  • It is a digital system hence, provides an error free data information which is more secured and authentic than a manual process.
  • It helps to make a proper inter connection amongst the internal and external parts of the business organization.
  • Helps management to take the right managerial decision through updated and genuine information

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