Equity Shares Types of Equity Shares Assignment Help for Your Betterment

Equity shares are the most important source of finance for any kind of business. A company’s shares are distributed to publics and investors for collecting fund for business. Share holders do not earn any interest amount for financing the company. They only enjoy few rights of controlling some business operations. Share holders together claimed themselves as the owners of that company. They have rights to vote, rights on company’s assets and profits.

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Types of equity share

This type of shares is permanent way of financing and is transferable. There are several categories. They are –

  • Authorized share

Thehighest amount of capital can be issued only by a company itself

  • Issued share

It is kind of authorized share and is offered by a company for investors only

  • Subscribed share

It is a part of issued share which is accepted by the investors

  • Paid up capital

It is a part of subscribed share and paid by the shareholders. It works as an actual investment of any business

  • Right share

These are issued for ensuring the rights of shareholders and investors.

  • Bonus share

The company issues it as a dividend to the shareholders.

  • Sweat share

Any company offers this kind of share for the employees or directors for their excellent performance in the company.

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  • A shareholder can enjoy the right of controlling the company.
  • Advantage of shareholder is- it can be easily sold in the market.
  • They are benefited both by yearly dividend and for courage to worth investment.
  • For a company, it is not required to take any liability for payment or repayment
  • A large amount of share increase companies importance to the creditors and investors in capital

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More about Equity Shares:

  • Shareholder only get yearly dividend which is quite uncertain
  • Company’s shareholders come from the different part of the world so it is not possible for them to be united together and take any decision to control over that company.
  • They have to take the highest amount of risk for the investment in that company.
  • For the company, it is the most costly source of finance.
  • The yearly payment of dividend is not expenditure that reduces the tax burden for that company.

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