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Everyone wants to stay on the top, but only one can. What makes topper so different and unique from others to secure such a position? Intelligence, dedication, curiosity, hard work, systematic approach and a guide should be the most important qualities needed.

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Today’s hard work shall reap tomorrow’s financial gain. Of course real world practical experience is desired to know the market properly, but one has to have a sense of theory as well. There are certain tips and tricks which are mentioned in textbooks and not in industry. If you know it from the beginning, you will save your time from learning it the hard way.

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Entrepreneurial Finance can be defined as a subject which deals with the application and adaptation of various financial techniques and tools which are used for planning, funding operations, and an overall valuation of an entrepreneurial venture. There are a few key principles of Entrepreneurial Finance which a student having this as a major subject in Graduation College needs to keep in mind.

  • The real, human and financial capital should be rented from owners only.
  • Risk and reward goes hand in hand.
  • If accounting is the ‘language’ of business, cash would be its ‘currency’.
  • Research, negotiation and privacy are key features of new venture financing.
  • The main financial aim of any venture is to increase value.
  • Do not assume that people often act again their self-interests. It is rarely true.
  • Character and reputation can prove to be assets or liabilities in a venture! You have to always keep them as assets.

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