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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is a mannered skill that helps the state of your mind to understand and control the emotions simultaneously Emotional Intelligence is a skill to understand the emotions of the person in front of you and act accordingly without hurting their emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is an interesting assignment which is very useful for students for their own personal experiment as well.

Important of learning Emotional Intelligence

There are lot ofadvantages and significance of learning the skill of Emotional Intelligence:

  • You can control, focus, handle, recognize and comprehend your emptions easily without disturbing the nervous system of your body to a sudden break down or depression
  • You can understand the emotions of the people you value the most. Sometimes people undergo depression because of the emotional stress resulting from their loved ones. By understanding their emotions, you will be able to recognize their needs and wants from you and act accordingly without hurting them.
  • People also tend to react calmly to the society after understanding their emotions. Sometimes lack of learning and patience results into disputes in the society. No matter whose fault it was, but blame fall on the innocent. By learning Emotional Intelligence skill, people tend to behave and act calmly with the rituals of the society.

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