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What is an Electric Vehicle?

An Electric Vehicle or simply an EV- For impulsion, it uses one or more than one electric motors. For generating electricity, these vehicles have either batteries or they convert fuel to electricity; and some of them also have solar panels.

EV started its journey in the advent of mid 19th century. At that time, using electricity was a preferred method for running trains and smaller vehicles. After the renaissance of technology in the21st century, the world’s growing interest in renewable energy brings road vehicles, underwater vessels, aircraft and spacecraft propelled by electricity.

Encounter with a brief history of EV

The introduction of EVs and its usage was rapid at the start. But, the discovery of petroleum reserves in different places and their affordability bring about the deterioration of electric vehicle age. Moreover, internal combustion powered cars are simpler to operate.

The picture has started to change during the last few decades. To wipe out global warming effect, every country has determined to lower its carbon emission rate. So, to cut down the usage of fossil fuels, interest in electric transportation renewed.

Electricity sources for these vehicles

Our proficient members of Electric Vehicles Assignment Help team has pointed out that, there are more than one ways to generate electricity for running EVs. They are as follows:

  • The direct connection that is used for electric trains, trolley buses, and trucks etc.
  • Electric power strips that are hidden under the roads for generating electromagnetic induction for vehicles
  • On board generators and hybrid electric automobiles (Ex. Diesel-electric locomotive, fuel cell vehicle, non-renewable energy )
  • Batteries
  • Electric motors

Now, have a look at the pros and cons of EV. While preparing an assignment on the Electric vehicle, you must include them for a comprehensive touch to your work.


  • The main advantage is obviously related to the environment. You do not have to use gasoline. These vehicles are quiet and extremely smooth.
  • EVs have no tailpipe. Therefore, the rate of emission is zero. They are meant for a significant environmental benefit.
  • If you think of an electric motor, its mechanism is very simple and it has 90% energy conversion efficiency.


  • The main headache for EV owners is less availability of charging stations. They range only 80 – 100 miles (talking of battery-driven automobile) and spend hours to get recharged. A second car is a must have.
  • Though the cost of gasoline is zero, EVs batteries cost a bit high. Moreover, EV itself is less affordable.
  • EV is less available and not considered as an alternative by all.

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