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Introduction to Electric Fields

We can simply call electric field as the electromotive force per unit electric charge. Electric field`s direction is in accordance to the direction of the electric force that it would exert on a positive charge. The direction in which electric field acts is always radially outward in case of  positive charge and while in case of negative charge it is radially inwards.Overall we can simply call electric field as electromotive force acting per unit charge. The force between charges is given by Lorentz force law while electric fields of a point charge is given by coulomb`s law.

Electric field of a point charge

Considering number of point charge, the electric field of the charges is obtained by applying vector sum of electric field of individual charges. A positive value is taken when field is acting in outward direction, while the field of a negative charge is acting toward it.


There are two major causes of electric field: –

  1. Electric charges as per Gauss’ Law
  2. Magnetic field as per Faraday’s Law of Induction

Understanding Electrical Field

Imagine a non-conducting stick such as wood or plastic. Apply a small positive test charge to this imaginary stick. When you walk around with this stick you would notice that the test charge is being pulled or pushed. This force when related with the small test charge will give us the electric field vector.

Electric Field vs. Magnetic Field

Magnetic field is the force exerted by a magnet across its surrounding. These are formed by magnetic flux lines which denote the directions as well. The impact of a magnetic force can be identified by the proximity of these lines to each other. The farther the lines are to each other, less is the magnetic attraction and vice versa.

Electric field on the other hand is created due to electric charge. When particles with electric charge are moved about because of positivity and negativity, then electric field is created.

A charge which is moving will always have both magnetic and electric field which is where the term electro-magnetic comes in. These two are independent of each other and exist simultaneously at right angles.

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