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To understand the concept of electric current, close your eyes and picture the flowing of a river. Electric current is the same as water current however, not necessarily in the same direction as a river. An electric current is nothing but a flow of electrons down a conductor. It can be associated with electric charge as well. The symbol for current is I.

The transfer of electric energy down a conductor is at the speed of light; however, the electrons associated with it move a slower pace. Why do you think that is? A hint would be to picture a thin cylindrical tube which is open at both ends to be filled with chocolate m&m. The moment you push another m & m in, you would find one falls out of the other side. The chocolate here signifies electrons.


There are only two types of current is use today; Direct Current and Alternating Current. Both of these have tremendous usage in the world. The appliances you usually find at home work on Alternating current or AC. Let’s learn a bit more about these because this is a major constituent in Electric Current Assignment Help

Alternating Current

Alternating current plays around with electrons changing the direction of flow many times per second. Rate of change of current is 60 hertz. An example of AC is the numerous audio and radio signals carried on electric wires. Notice that during a storm when atmosphere is charged the lights in our house tend to flicker. This is because they work on AC.

Direct Current

A direct current flows the same way as a river does. The way a river flows from a higher ground to a lower ground, the DC flows from negative side to a positive side. It is termed as a unidirectional flow of electric charge. These are useful in batteries, solar cells and dynamo type machines. Direct current was termed as galvanic current in the earlier times.

Natural Occurrences

Nature is a natural powerhouse for electricity. Lightning, static electricity and solar winds are natural occurring examples of electric current.

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