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What is Elasticity?

Elasticity means a specific nature of a body that has the resist nature or it can be stressed by any external force and can also get returned to its original shape and size.
In case of a solid it can be deformed, but if it is elastic, then it can easily get returned to its original size as well as in shape. Now, there are a number of terms get related with this. Moreover, some laws and some other terms related to this also require understanding by the student.

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What are the different types of parameters?

Some materials are completely elastic in nature and some are not. There is a perfect way of getting the solution of Parameters and these are two different types. These are –

  • Modulus

This is used to measure force per unit area for a provided deformation. Its unit is known as Pascal and denoted as Pa.

  • Elastic Limit

This is the other parameter in which the elastic limit can achieve at the maximum level and beyond that you will not get any further stress. This acquires the deform limit and after that it cannot get back to its permanent shape.

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Different types of Elasticity

These are –

Linear Elasticity

Finite Elasticity

The different Finite Elasticity

These are as follows –

  • Cauchy elastic materials
  • Hypo elastic materials
  • Hyper elastic materials

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