Effective Strategies for Stress-Free Homework

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‘‘98% of the world’s problems would be solved if people stop being stressed.’’ But with the complexities of life increasing day by day, people spent most of their time being stressed. Tensions and pressure have become the part and parcel of life nowadays. However, ‘‘it is all about finding the calm in the chaos.’’

Do you get stressed often? Are you a parent or a student who has come here searching for the solution to a stress-free life with no homework? Well, before you get solution to this much awaited problem, let’s share a light moment. Do you love back spelling words? Try back spelling ‘stressed’ then. Isn’t it a shocking affair that a word like ‘stressed’, when back spelt becomes ‘desserts’?

The most common stress prevailing in households everywhere around the world is ‘Homework solving.’ It is the reason which creates havoc every evening in our homes. No matter how hard you try, there is absolutely no relief from this. It is not easy for everyone to finish the homework without any pressure or stress. After having a hectic day at school for 7-8 hours, most students lose the energy essential for doing homework and assignments.

Ask any random student or adult near your locality about what they would like to tell Stress if it is personified. You will get the answer as-‘‘Dear Stress, let’s break-up.’’ It is true that we cannot stop ourselves from being anxious, but there are ways through which we can tackle it effectively.

Recently my nephew started having problems with his homework. The situation got such worse, that his parents had to consult a psychiatrist for help. Considering the need of having a stress-free life for the students nowadays, I decided to write a post on this.

Homework problems which lead to stress:

Before we find the solution for doing a stress-free homework, it is important that we look at the problems which students face while solving their assignments.

  1. Too much homework to do

The education structure of today is drastically different from that which existed around 10 years ago. And with this change, it is even more difficult nowadays. Since teachers are often unable to finish the planned syllabus, they assign too much homework to the students.

It becomes difficult for most of the students to solve homework. And with too many assignments lined up to do within a short period of time, they get overburdened. This creates pressure in their minds which results in stress and depression.

  1. Difficulty in understanding

Students often find it to difficult to understand what they are being taught in the class. Most of the homework assigned, is based on the concepts covered in class. Thus when they start solving the homework, they are unable to understand what they are supposed to do in the assignment. This lack of understanding results in stress.

  1. Difficulty in time-management

At times, it happens that even though the student knows how to solve his homework, he is unable to handle the pressure due to shortage of time. Teachers assign homework with immediate submission deadlines and thus it becomes difficult for these students to divide time effectively.

  1. Too much interference from parents-

It is necessary for the parents to keep a track of how their children are performing in studies. But that does not justify the fact that they will start interfering unnecessarily in their homework. Just because the child is weak in studies, it does not mean that parents have to keep on putting additional pressure on them.

  1. Monotonous affair-

Many students suffer from lack of motivation as they have to solve their homework all alone. They feel monotonous and boring while doing these assignments. This results to depression and stress.

Strategies to have a stress-free homework:

  1. Prioritize homework-

Studies form to be the most important aspect in a child’s life. It is not that that the other co-curricular activities are not important. But studies cannot be compromised at any cost. Thus it is very important that students prioritize homework-solving, once they return from school. This will ensure that the child does not get a stressful night.

  1. Don’t multi-task and start focusing-

Students need to understand their priorities in life from a young age. Since homework is at their top priority, they need to ensure that once they start doing it, no other multi-tasking is done. By avoiding multi-tasking they can have proper focus on their work. And once they start focusing, solving homework is just a matter of few hours. This prevents additional stress in their life.

  1. Have a comfortable study place-

Environment plays a key role in the way we handle things. If the environment where a student is doing his homework is not proper or uncomfortable, it will take him more time to do the homework which will lead to stress.

Ensure that you have a comfortable place to study while solving the homework which is free from any kind of noise or distraction like mobile phones, television, computers, etc.

  1. Make a time-table-

Time-management is one of the major homework challenges faced by students while doing homework. Thus to ensure that you have adequate time to solve your homework, you need to prepare a schedule where you can divide your time effectively as per your priorities.

  1. Don’t be too anxious-

When my nephew consulted the psychiatrist, he said that it is anxiety which leads to stress. Whenever the student sees that the submission deadline is approaching nearby, he starts getting anxious whether he will be able to finish his work on time. It is this anxiousness which results to stress.

If you are still anxious about your daily assignments, refer to-5 Steps to end the daily battle of homework solving.

  1. Maintain good relationship with teachers-

Some students are often unable to solve their homework as they get stuck due to certain problems. And in case of an assignment which has an immediate submission, students start getting stressed as they have no sources of help. However, if they maintain a good relationship with their teachers, they can easily approach them for homework help.

  1. Online Help-

In this digital age, anything and everything is possible if you are connected to the internet. Whenever you get stuck in a sum or start facing difficulties in understanding a concept, directly refer to any online professional educational website.

  1. Relax as much as you can-

The best and smartest way to handle any pressure or stress in life is to remain relaxed and calm. Have confidence in yourself and relax no matter how overburdened you are. After taking a deep breath, start working on your homework.

Follow these strategies and have a determination built within you- ‘‘I will not stress myself out about things I can’t change or control.’’

Have a stress-free day!